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Standard Avis Preferred cards do not have expiry dates and remain active as long as you rent at least once every three years. 

Avis Preferred Charge Cards have a Corporate Account expiry date printed on the front, while holders of Avis Preferred Plus or Avis President’s Club cards will find expiry dates printed on the back.

You will be sent a new card one month before your existing card is due to expire.

Don’t worry. Call our designated line and we will help you retrieve it.

Discover and join Avis Preferred.

We always try our best to give you an upgrade, but when there is a restricted fleet we can sometimes only deliver the reserved model.

If you are a member of Avis President's Club we guarantee an upgrade at airports and railway locations. If you didn't get the upgrade, email or submit a response in your online account and we will make sure you receive compensation.

If you are a member of Avis President's Club and rented at a city centre location, the upgrade is subject to availability. If you already requested these extras, our customer service team can refund this cost.

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Avis Preferred allows you to hire a car in the quickest and easiest way possible – without queues and forms. Having your up-to-date credit card details in our system means we can process each booking you make seamlessly. 

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